Gutter Vacuum

Gutter vacuum cleaning machine by Spillrite Vacuums is Australia's original and still the best PD Blower gutter vacuum cleaning system.The GSS580-600 gutter vacuum cleaning machine is designed to be fitted to a twin axle trailer. The power of the 580 gutter vacuum means the operator can run extended hose lengths to any part of the house and the waste is sucked straight back into the steel tank.


The Gutter Vacuum power comes the Roots style PD blower. This industrial pump is a perfect tool for a gutter vacuum. When cleaning gutters you can extend the suction hose out to 100 metres if need be without losing and suction power. The gutter vacuum power unit is made up of the following components. 

Gutter Vacuum compoinents;



Gutter Vacuum testimonials are one of the best ways as a new potential client you can hear from satisfied customers.

"From the moment I engaged Spillrite Vacuums to make a gutter cleaning vacuum for my plumbing business, Rob and the team were professional and helpful the whole way through the process. The gutter vacuum machine has performed above expectations and is a valuable asset to my company. I would recommend Spillrite to anyone."

Tim Hammel
Hammel's Plumbing & Gas (Toowoomba- 2017)


Dual Operator gutter vacuum system.

Understanding the Dual Operator gutter vacuum.

The Dual Operator gutter vacuum is based on the single version with two main differences. It has two tank filters instead of one and has two suction intakes instead of one. The power is the same as the single operator version. We supply these units with a 22 HP Vanguard petrol motor, however a Honda motor can be supplied for an extra upgrade fee.

The dual operator unit will work with a maximum of 80 metres of suction hose, 40 metres per side in ideal circumstances where the gutter debris is dry and easily dislodged. If the gutter debris has a moisture content then this will impact the suction and will require shorter hoses on each side, usually down to approximately 25 metres per side if the moisture content is between 10-30%. If the gutter debris is severely water logged then the unit may have to operate as a single operator vacuum by blocking off one of the two suction intakes with the supplied intake camlocks end piece.