Drum 3000 gutter vacuum

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Published on Saturday, 11 April 2015 20:36
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Drum 3000 gutter vacuum system complete - $3750


The unit comes with a heavy gauge steel drum fitted with the interceptor lid and the 3000 watt triple eletric vacuum generators. 8 metre power cord 10 amp plug. Meets Australian standards and fully approved.


The drum dolly helps to move the steel drum around.



The steel drum comes with an interceptor lid for the power head and a wire cage  (inserted into the drum) which prevents the plastic bag from sucking in when the vacuum is turned on.


The 300 mm metal gutter probe is the most used tool in the kit


The 500 mm gutter probe is for when you need to oush through hard with gutter debris 


The 50 mm crevice tool is perfect for narrow gutters. The tool is much longer than what it appears in this image


30 metres of hose reaches to most parts of the roof and gutters.