Drum Hopper 350 gutter vacuum

Drum Hopper 350 gutter vacuum


Finally an affordable gutter cleaning solution. The Gutter Vacuum Drum Hopper 350 is designed to be moved around the house and vacuuming the gutters from below or on a ladder less than 2 metres high.

Let’s face it if you don’t need to get on to the roof then it is far safer not to.

You don’t need an expensive hose reel and 30-40 metres of hose.

7 metres of suction hose will do!! We give you 10 metres

Just push the GVDH350 off the ute or trailer and right underneath the gutters and start vacuuming. With large pneumatic tyres for the gutter vacuum model the unit is easy to push. The large waste trap allows easy evacuation of waste both wet and dry.

For a low cost solution with plenty of power to clean all your gutters the GVDH350 provides the answer.

• solid construction

• wet and dry vacuum

• 350 litres/320 kg

• low cost replacement filters ($49)

• easy to move about